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15 Tips For Ironman Success - Base2Race Triathlon Diaries

Ironman Race Day Plan: 15 Tips For Success   The training has been completed. You swam, biked and ran, week in and week out to prepare your body for the task ahead. But how are you going to put it all together to complete the Ironman? We’ve put together this ultimate survival guide to help you!   Ironman Youghal, Barcelona, Nice, whatever your Ironman race may be, you’ll want to plan ahead and be prepared for anything that comes in your way. Paul here at Base2Race just recently completed his 7th Ironman in Santa Rosa. There’s no denying the fact that an Ironman is unlike any other endurance event in the world. It’s a massive undertaking for anyone, and the sheer...

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Base2Race Top 5 Tips For Open Water Swimming

Are you braving the cold Irish waters for your first open water swim this weekend? If so, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, these 5 tips will ensure you survive your first open water swim at 10 degrees...  A few things I wish someone had warned me of when getting into the sea when my mind rushed with a frenetic string of thoughts:  Where’s the black stripe on the bottom?  What is that black thing floating on the bottom, is it a shark?  What just touched my foot? (probably my other foot)  What was that splash? (probably my hand entering the water in front)  Anyway, moving on from that here’s a few real tips that can help you...

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Chris Mintern Fine Tuning For Challenge Salou 70.3 Ironman

Last weekend I took part in Naas duathlon. Race distance: 3.5km run-20km bike-3.5km run. I must be getting older, it's the first time in a race that I've been shocked by the initial pace set out by all the eager juniors! "Young fellas getting carried away" - that's what I told myself anyway, maybe I'm just slowing down as a result of the middle distance training. Duathlons are tough events, tougher than triathlons perhaps, I ran sensibly and came into transition on the tail of the leading group of five athletes. I settled into a good rhythm during the early stages of the 20km bike ride, Marc Flavin & Paul Carroll were riding very well and by the turn around...

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