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Donadea Irish 50km National Championships

I’m not the type of person who should run Ultra’s ……2 knee arthroscopies, more than 10 cortisone injections over the last 10 years and multiple PRP injections under both kneecaps, crappy biomechanics and flat feet. Yet I do…. Why? I just seem to really enjoy running for hours and seem to have a diesel engine, once I get the pace right 😊 My first race of 2019 was last Saturday 9th February; The Donadea 50km. The 9th edition of the event. Held in Donadea forest on a 5km loop, 10 laps in total. You have 5 hours to complete it, no exceptions. As the race director says ‘Do 10 laps then fook off’It is a relatively flat course with only minor drags...

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