Zerod Neojammer TRAIN
Zerod Neojammer TRAIN
Zerod Neojammer TRAIN
Zerod Neojammer TRAIN

Zerod Neojammer TRAIN

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The Neojammer is the ultimate swimming training tool for all triathletes! It will provide the same swimming feeling as the one experienced in a wetsuit.Its neoprene composition ensures the right body position and waterline as well as enhanced hydrodynamics. Its TRAIN version ensures an unbeatable value for money ratio with a full Yamamoto 38 Neoprene composition. The main panel on the front of the quads is made of Yamamoto 38 neoprene and will help elevate the hips on the water surface. This Neojammer Train addresses experienced swimmers who want improved hydrodynamics but whose buyoancy level is already good (whereas the Neojammer AERO highly improves the swimmer buyoancy). This item moreover ensures a perfect freedom of movement on your kicks and flip turns. It shall not replace your swimsuit: it is meant to be used as a training tool.

The Neo Jammer Aerodome has 4 main uses:

  • For experienced triathletes: easing up your swim sessions when you are tired or in intense training

  • Speeding you up (about 2 seconds / 100m, depending on your natural buoyancy) to keep up with intense training sessions

  • Preparing your triathlon season in the pool, benefiting from the same feelings as on race day in your triathlon wetsuit


Specs :

  • Waistline and quads: 3mm Yamamoto #38   

  • Butt, crotch and inside of the quads: 2mm Yamamoto #38 double lined with jersey

  • Waist drawstring


We advise you to go one size up your usual one. 



  • Can I wear the Neo Jammer during my swimming competitions?

    This is not a FINA approved Jammer: you won’t be able to race with it during official  swimming competitions.

  • Can I wear the Neo Jammer during my triathlon races?

    The Neo Jammer is considered by triathlon governing bodies as a proper wetsuit. Therefore when wetsuits are allowed you can wear the Neo Jammer, but when wetsuits are not allowed you can’t wear it.

  • Can I wear the Neo Jammer in swimming pools?

    This is exactly the purpose of this Jammer! When training in a pool, you’ll have the same hydrodynamics as when wearing a full wetsuit, without suffering from over-heating. After each use, please make sure you rinse your Jammer with clear water and hang it to dry inside out.

  • Is there a risk of addiction?

    Yes J : its incredible hydrodynamics and increased distance per stroke make it very much addictive. The feeling is close to one you have with an electric bike: you go much faster without increasing your effort.