Tubolito Latex Tube

Tubolito Latex Tube

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Made from premium lightweight latex rubber, the Tubolito Latex Tube is perfect for any racing cyclist looking for optimal performance. Strong and durable with a classic aesthetic, its sophisticated construction ensures an exclusive and elegant ride.

Everything in life is a compromise, including bicycle inner tubes. For the past years, your choice was: Either get a standard tube made of butyl with decent puncture resistance or try to save some weight by getting the “superlight” version. Basically, these are thinner butyl tubes that offer less strength. The odd choice was latex, which is puncture resistant but has issues with air retention.

Enter the stage: Tubolito

Made of a high-tech material called TPU, Tubolitos are a completely new approach to the inner tube. While offering weight saving up to 80 % compared to standard tubes, Tubos also offer double puncture resistance. Even the extra light S-Tubo models are still as robust as classic butyl tubes.