The Icebein Recovery System
The Icebein Recovery System
The Icebein Recovery System
The Icebein Recovery System

The Icebein Recovery System

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The icebein recovery System

consists of a cooling unit, the so-called chiller, and a pair of pants, the icebein Legs I. Chiller and pants are simply connected to each other and the cooled water can circulate continuously. Thus the icebein Recovery System cools all muscles, tendons and ligaments of the legs and buttocks holistically and evenly. It is therefore the modern, hygienic and ecological alternative to the ice bath. Especially in times of covid-19.

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icebein Legs I

the icebein Legs I consist of two single components. The icebein Softshell Pants I and the icebein Cooling Pads II.

icebein Softshell Pants

The icebein Softshell Pants are made of high quality softshell material and are lined with fleece on the inside. Thanks to the 6 different sizes and the Velcro fasteners on the sides, the pants can be adjusted to fit any leg shape.

icebein Cooling Pads II

the icebein Cooling Pads II are made of a guaranteed skin-friendly polyurethane plastic. The smooth fit, as well as the thickness of the material guarantee a constant and even cooling of the leg and buttock muscles.

icebein Chiller I

The icebein Chiller I cools the water from room air temperature down to 5° Celsius. And that in only 10 minutes!

The desired water temperature can be set individually on the display. At the push of a button, the cooled water is continuously pumped through the “Ice Legs”, which ensures constant cooling of the lower extremities.

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