Sidi Fast Road Shoes
Sidi Fast Road Shoes

Sidi Fast Road Shoes

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Cycling has never been easier. The all new Sidi Fast is a fast shoe by name and by nature. Thanks to the simple and fast closing system you will be ready for your ride in a few moments without abandoning style and comfort.

Key Features


It allows you to close the shoe quickly and easily, adapting the upper to the shape of the rider's foot and thus obtaining a personalised fit. The TECNO-3 mechanism is replaceable.

Replaceable non-slip heel

Sidi cycling shoes are equipped with a replaceable, non-slip, polyurethane insert on the heel to facilitate walking.

Sidi Heel Cup

The anatomically moulded plastic shell, stabilises and supports the heel, reduces heel slip and helps transmit more power without dispersion.

Carbon Composite Sole 20

The Carbon Sole 20 is composed of nylon and injected carbon fibre. The result is a light and rigid sole, which does not lose its characteristics when climactic conditions change or with the passage of time. The central part of the sole is graduated with a scale in millimetres to facilitate the correct fitting of the cleats. A replaceable non-slip insert on the heel is included to facilitate walking.