Short Sleeve Trail Shirt
Short Sleeve Trail Shirt
Short Sleeve Trail Shirt

Short Sleeve Trail Shirt

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The unisex Short Sleeve Trail Shirt is designed to improve body-positioning and shoulder alignment, with light compression woven into the fabric to increase oxygenation during and after effort for enhanced recovery.

Product Data

Mens: Yes
Ladies: Yes
Fit: Regular Fit
High Visibility: No
Style: Round Neck

Seamless: For optimum comfort, the microfibre body of the shirt is 100% seamless

Zip: Opening the zip offers maximum freedom to the thoracic cage. The zip lining avoids chafing and the auto block system means the tab doesn’t bounce when running

Silicone shoulder grip: The silicone grip over the shoulders stops backpack straps from slipping and reduces the impact, tension and fatigue caused by the backpack on the shoulders and upper trapezius

Silicone sleeve print: The silicone printing inside the sleeve allows for perfect adaptation to body shape, absorption of impact and micro-muscular massage to increase comfort and muscle revitalization

Ergofit: The shirt is knitted to fit every curve of your body perfectly, maximising efficiency and comfort (no chafing) 

Collar: The short collar ensures comfort and protection of the neck. Made of extremely pliable fibre (only one layer), it doesn’t constrict and puts no pressure on the muscles of the back of the neck, upper trapezius or shoulders

Hydrophobic: The water-repellent fibre wicks away moisture and evacuates sweat without absorbing it. No more uncomfortable heavy, damp clothing that irritates and doesn't dry

Ultralight: For optimum comfort, the microfibre body of the Trail Shirt is lightweight and very soft. During effort, it feels like you are wearing nothing

Thermoregulation: Its one-of-a-kind weave enhances air circulation enabling a perfect balance between the inside and outside of the shirt. It provides protection in winter against the cold and in summer against the heat - it will become your second skin 

Bacteriostatic: 100% hygienic. This treatment helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and naturally fights odours. It ensures a feeling of freshness all day long

Ventilation Zone: The targeted positioning of the mesh structures evacuates body heat and sweat meaning you stay dry regardless of the outside temperature and the intensity and duration of the effort

Massaging Fibre: Each movement triggers a micro massage providing a sensation of lightness and well-being

OEKO-TEX-certified: The innovative fibre used has the world-renowned OEKO-TEX inspection certificate, declaring that it contains no chemical substances harmful to the skin

Quality Assurance: Always striving to bring you the highest quality, Compressport compression products are manufactured exclusively in Europe, using European yarn, on European equipment, by European medical compression specialists