Sailfish Vibrant - Male
Sailfish Vibrant - Male

Sailfish Vibrant - Male

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Top Features of the Sailfish Mens Vibrant Wetsuit

The all-around talent â€" maximum buoyancy and outstanding flexibility.

  • Longlife Cell Neoprene: Robust and flexible, an unbeatable combination for maximum buoyancy and excellent flexibility
  • Soft Skin Lining: Comfortable lining, easy to put on and take off
  • Stability Panel Plus: Reinforced neoprene material, optimizes body position in the water and prevents excessive hip rotation
  • ErgoFit Cut Design: Ergonomically tailored leg and hip panels enable a perfect fit
  • Aqua Reach Zones: Forearm panels - For improved effectiveness of arm
  • Grip Tight 3-Collar: Hydrodynamic design, for quick changes
  • Heat Sealed Seams: For increased durability and comfort
  • Power Slide Zipper: Hydrodynamic design, for quick changes
The winning combination of extremely buoyant Longlife Cell neoprene and the skin-friendly Soft Skin lining keeps swimmers above water while leaving them free to move and breath, even in the hectic phases of the race. The ergonomically tailored leg and hip panels improve buoyancy and â€" in combination with the new Stability Panel Plus â€" increase hip stability. By avoiding excess hip rotation, the swimmer is automatically brought into a streamlined and stable form in the water. Moreover, the new Aqua Reach Zones on the frearms make for more effective foreward propulsion from arm strokes.