PRO Leg Recovery System & Bag
PRO Leg Recovery System & Bag

PRO Leg Recovery System & Bag

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The most premium Compression Therapy System on the market

6 tripple layered chambers with auto pressure sensor

18 pressure levels ranging from 40-170mmHg

Choose from 4 modes, chamber isolation and 5-95 minute session time

Designed with a touch screen, deflate mode and dual voltage (100-240V)

Comes with a high quality large travel bag for safe storage and transport

Can be used remotely with the optional Samsung battery pack for 2-3 hours

Package includes: Air Relax PRO compressor + right & left leg / boots + carry bag

Two year warranty as standard

The PRO system is the most premium recovery system available on the market and has been designed with all the features one could require. An intuitive 5.5" touch screen gives control at your finger tips and show you all your options. The 6 triple layered chambers with built-in pressure calibration, 18 pressure levels and session timer from 5 to 95 minutes gives you all the options you need. Select from 4 predefined compression modes an customise them further by targeting or excluding a zone. When the session is finished, the auto deflate option makes it easy to take of the garment and store it safely in the high quality carry bag. You can also use the system remotely with the optional 5,000mAh/72Wh Samsung Battery Pack to recovery wherever, whenever you need. This is the ultimate recovery system!

    • Quads
    • Adductors

      Intermittent pneumatic compression removes waste product and helps reduce injury risk and delayed onset muscle soreness known as DOMS


      Regular compression therapy after training has been shown to significantly increase performance in both sport and everyday fitness


      Reduce lactic acid buildup and boost oxygen distribution to significantly speed up recovery times


      Choose and Customise Modes

      The PRO system offers 4 different predefined compression programs for the user to choose from. The programs can be further tailored by excluding specific chambers to avoid compression of a body part or to specifically target a zone. In addition the user can choose from 18 pressure levels to customise their recovery experience and enhance their session.

      The choice of program, pressure, duration, chamber selection depends on the individual's physiology, tolerance level, fitness, training schedule, training load and other factors. We recommend the user to begin at a low to medium pressure level and gradually progress as you become familiar with the system and the recovery results to influence your performance.

      The compression modes each have their own benefit ranging from lymphatic drainage to massaging of the muscle tissue without compromising on the core benefits of improved blood circulation, reducing swelling and inflammation, improving range of motion and flexibility as well as reducing fatigue and risk of injury

      Types of predefined modes:

      Seqt:Sequential Mode

      Prog:Progressive Mode

      Drain:Drain Mode

      Ovlay:Overlay Mode

      For optimal results, we recommend the use of the system on a regular basis for a duration of 30-45 minutes and to integrate compression therapy recovery sessions as part of your training regime. Recovery is essential for performance and training progress and by incorporating the compression therapy session into the daily training routine, you are giving your body the recovery time and care necessary to help process the training load and intensity and help reduce fatigue and help avoid the risk of injury. It is important to note that recovery is a broad spectrum and entails many fascets, no signle method or technique is a substitute for rest, diet and sleep. The Air Relax recovery system is an ideal system to help optimise and achieve results in combination with the other good training practises. The convenient, easy to use recovery system make this a favourite tool for thousands of athletes.

      Boot Size Small Medium Large
      Your height (cm) 155cm - 177cm 177cm - 185cm 186cm and taller
      Inseam (cm) <86cm <87-96cm 97cm