Pirelli Cinturato H Gravel tyre

Pirelli Cinturato H Gravel tyre

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Pirelli Cinturato Gravel H Folding Tire

The Pirelli Cinturato Gravel H is a gravel tire designed for compact terrain and the toughest surfaces. The profile is characterized by low, densely packed lugs and a high adaptability to the terrain. As a result, it offers a large contact area and thus an excellent driving experience. The special SpeedGRIP compound provides the necessary resistance and optimum grip without compromising rolling performance. The Cinturato Gravel H is a high performance tire with unique grip characteristics in all weather conditions, both wet and dry, and a high level of puncture protection. The Cinturato Gravel H is compatible with hookless rims according to the ETRTO limit of 5 bar/73 psi for maximum air pressure.

Highlights of the Pirelle Cinturato Gravel H

  • SpeedGRIP compound
  • TechWALL carcass
  • Tubeless Ready

SpeedGRIP Compound

The SpeedGRIP compound is a gravel-specific rubber compound born from Pirelli's experience in the World Rally Championship, where speed as well as on-road and off-road grip are critical. This composition draws on the polymer matrix of the MTB-specific SmartGRIP compound while reducing rolling resistance. For this reason, the properties of the rubber compound have been optimized towards better energetic efficiency with a small compromise in grip. The result is a predictable compound with solid performance on and off the road.

TechWALL Gravel

Road-specific reinforced carcass technologies have been combined with MTB-specific carcasses to create a gravel carcass whose performance has been improved through the use of special fabric reinforcements and thicker rubber layers in specific areas of the tire. On the road most punctures are caused by the penetration of sharp objects, while off-road most punctures are caused by cuts in the sidewall, for this reason the TechWALL Gravel carcass is equipped with a cut-resistant fabric around the entire circumference of the tire, which still provides a smooth ride.

Note: Tubeless Ready tires require tubeless compatible rims/wheels, tubeless valves, tubeless rim tape and sealing fluid for tubeless mounting. Sealant fluid is not required for tubeless UST tires, but is recommended for increased puncture protection. Installation should only be carried out by qualified personnel.