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Met Trenta Mips
Met Trenta Mips
Met Trenta Mips
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Met Trenta Mips

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For more than thirty years MET has been making helmets for the very best in the sport of cycling. We’ve learned, refined and developed our products, getting faster, lighter and more comfortable with every generation. Enhanced for use in the peloton, the MET Trenta Mips is a performance road helmet engineered to maximise ventilation and save you energy with every pedal stroke.

Featuring the MIPS-C2® rotational management system, the MET Trenta Mips is able to slide relative to the head in the case of a crash, redirecting damaging rotational motion. MIPS is a brain protection system—engineered to add protection to the standard construction of helmets in case of certain impacts. The MIPS Brain Protection System (BPS) is attached inside the helmet, between the comfort padding and the EPS.

Originally developed by NACA, a precursor to NASA, the position of this inlet at the front of the helmet has a cooling effect. Harnessing the power of the Venturi effect, the vent pushes out the warm air within the helmet through specially positioned exhausts.

This ensures constant airflow through the helmet, without catching the wind and creating drag, achieving the maximum level of comfort during the longest rides on the road or on your gravel bike.

Enhanced for use in the peloton, the MET Trenta’s tube-shaped tail and internal air channelling ensure it performs best when riding in a group, offering up to 7% reduction in drag vs a traditional road helmet. It has a lower profile at the rear, which works in synergy with the NACA front vent and the rear deflector to effectively drive airflow.

Product Specification:

  • In-mould polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
  • MIPS-C2® Brain Protection System
  • Sunglasses ports
  • Safe-T Orbital Fit System
  • 360° Head belt, Vertical and occipital adjustment
  • Hand washable Air Mesh comfort pads
  • Air Lite straps
  • Adjustable cam divider
  • Reflective rear stickers
  • Internal Air Channelling
  • Helmet soft bag
  • Certifications CE; AS/NZS; US
  • Size: S: 52-56, M: 56-58, L: 58-61cm
  • Weight: S: 240, M: 250, L: 285g