Isport Strive
Isport Strive

Isport Strive

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Great value. Superb audio.

The iSPORT™ Strive is Monster's most affordable High Performance sport headphone and is every bit as durable, washable and submersible as the iSport Intensity™ and Victory. Enjoy an uninterrupted, world-class music experience no matter how you get your workout.

The best of both worlds: Your sports and your music.

Strive delivers exciting audio and, at the same time, keeps you in total touch with what's going on around you. So you can play a game of hoops, go snowboarding or chat with your pals and still feel the excitement of Pure Monster Sound™.

Pound it. Push it. It won't shake out.

The patented Monster® SportClip is designed to stay put no matter what you do. Whether you're biking or on the soccer field, the music never stops.

Sweatproof. Washable.

Strive stays in, even when you work up a good sweat. And when they get dirty just wash them off with a little soap and water and you're good to go.

Flat, tangle-free cable.

Say goodbye to wasted workout time untangling your cable. And if you wear eye protection, you'll love the fact that the flat-cable works great with helmets, glasses and goggles.

ControlTalk™ On-Cable Mic
Take the call without stopping. iSport™ Strive comes with convenient, hands-free control for your iPad, iPhone or iPod.