Flex Wetsuit Man
Flex Wetsuit Man
Flex Wetsuit Man
Flex Wetsuit Man
Flex Wetsuit Man

Flex Wetsuit Man

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he FLEX triathlon wetsuit is aimed at triathletes looking for flexibility above all, who wish to find an ease similar to that of swimming without a wetsuit, to pose their stroke without restriction with great fluidity of movement.

It is entirely made of Yamamoto #38 & #39 neoprene, whose thicknesses vary between 2 and 5 mm depending on the part of the body.

It will convince triathletes who prefer to swim without a wetsuit or who usually feel compressed in the line of the shoulders and arms.

It has an internal lining in MegaStretch jersey on the sleeves, armpits and back which guarantees good flexibility and suppleness in arm movements, combined with Yamamoto grade 39 neoprene, which is also particularly supple.


It features a classic back zipper that closes from the bottom up, requiring no outside help to close it and thus providing more autonomy for open water training.


  • Main panel (waist & bust): 5mm Yamamoto #38 / SuperStretch lining
  • Upper chest: 4mm Yamamoto #38 / SuperStretch lining
  • Thighs: 4mm Yamamoto #38 / SuperStretch Lining
  • Raglan sleeves: 2mm Yamamoto #39 / MegaStretch lining
  • Armpits & Back: 2mm Yamamoto #39 / MegaStretch lining
  • Knees & Lower Legs: 3mm Yamamoto #38 / SuperStretch Lining
  • Coating: SCS
  • Single collar (unlined).