Flex Sleeveless Wetsuit
Flex Sleeveless Wetsuit
Flex Sleeveless Wetsuit

Flex Sleeveless Wetsuit

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The FLEX triathlon wetsuit addresses triathletes mostly looking for flexibility who want a natural stroke as if they were not wearing a wetsuit. This sleeveless option will satisfy triathletes from a strong swimming background, beginners with a low budget or fearing the restrictive feeling of a sleeved wetsuit and triathletes racinf in warmer water temperatures. 

This wetsuit is entirely made in Yamamoto #38 & #39 neoprene, which thicknesses vary between 2 and 5 mm depending on the body part.

It will convince triathletes who usually prefer a non-wetsuit swim because they feel too restricted around the arms and shoulders. 

It features a classic zipper which closes from the bottom to the top, enabling for more autonomy to close it on open water sessions.


Available in 5 sizes from XS to XL.

Technical characteristics: 

- Main Body (waist & torso): 5mm Yamamoto #38 / Inner Liner: SuperStretch

- Top of the Chest: 4mm Yamamoto #38 / Inner Liner SuperStretch

- Thighs: 4mm Yamamoto #38 / Inner Liner SuperStretch

- Knees & Lower Legs: 3mm Yamamoto #38 / Inner Liner SuperStretch 

- Enduction: SCS (Super Composite Skin)

- Raw cut collar - low neckline