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The FUZION MAX triathlon wetsuit combines the very best of our technology to meet the needs of triathletes looking for both incredible buoyancy and flexibility. This model combines those 2 criteria in an extremely powerful wetsuit for the most demanding triathletes. 

This wetsuit is entirely made in Yamamoto #39, #39 AERODOME and #40 neoprene, which thicknesses vary between 1.5 and 5 mm depending on the body part.

It will satisfy triathletes looking for an ultimate weapon to swim with, in terms of flexibility, fast transitions, drag reduction and hydrodynamics.

The AERODOME technology placed on the top of the chest down to the thighs with a 5mm neoprene thickness helps the swimmer stay on the water surface without having to provide additional effort to maintain this position.

It has a GigaStretch inner liner jersey combined with one of the highest quality neoprene -Yamamoto #40 - which ensures an amazing flexibility and suppleness around the arms and shoulders.

It features a reversed zipper which closes from the top to the bottom, requiring external help to close it but optimizing the water exit and transition, making it faster to take the wetsuit off. 

Technical characteristics: 

- Main Body (waist & torso): 5mm Yamamoto #39 AERODOME / Inner Liner: SuperStretch

- Top of the Chest: 5mm Yamamoto #39 AERODOME / Inner Liner: SuperStretch

- Thighs: 5mm Yamamoto #39 AERODOME / Inner Liner SuperStretch

- Raglan Sleeves: 1.5mm Yamamoto #40 / Inner Liner GigaStretch

- Underarms & Lats: 1.5mm Yamamoto #40 / Inner Liner GigaStretch

- Knees & Lower Legs: 3mm Yamamoto #39 / Inner Liner SuperStretch 

- Enduction: SCS / SCS Nano (main body, chest & thighs)

- Double Lined SCS Collar - low neckline