CeramicSpeed UFO 10-spd Chain

CeramicSpeed UFO 10-spd Chain

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Developed for uncompromising racing performance, the UFO Racing Chain 10 speed by CeramicSpeed features a unique optimization treatment. UltraFast Optimization (UFO) is a multi-step process where high-end chains of renowned manufacturers are optimized and catapulted into new spheres of efficiency.

It all starts with a polishing process where friction-producing, rough surfaces and manufacturing imperfections are removed from the chain link’s sliding surfaces. In the following cleaning process, manufacturing contaminations and the comparatively inefficient factory lube are removed. In the next step, the bicycle chain receives the optimization coating at optimal temperatures. Last but not least, a layer of PTFE powder is applied to the chain, so that the CeramicSpeed UFO Racing chain features different lubricating layers that save you between 2–5 watts on a distance of 600 km/370 miles.

For optimum care, CeramicSPeed recommends to use a wax-based chain lubricant with added PTFE.

· Road bike chain, optimized for racing
· Base chain: KMC X10 SL
· Hollow pins, weight-reducing plates
· fFor SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo 10 speed systems
· Material: steel
· 1/2" x 11/128"
· 116 links
· Incl. master link
· Weight: approx. 260 g

Note: The chain is designed for use in dry conditions! In order to fully benefit from the advantages of the UFO Racing Chain, you should not wash the chain or ride in rain for the first 600 km (370 miles). If it is absolutely necessary to clean the chain, please use a dry cloth to remove dirt.