Cobra Ultra Swipe Mirror - 330
Cobra Ultra Swipe Mirror - 330

Cobra Ultra Swipe Mirror - 330

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Product Description:

Cobra Ultra Mirror, the newest member of the Arena family.
These goggles are hydrodynamic perfection.

  • Low profile mirror lenses minimize glare
  • High-tech moulded blade shape reduces drag
  • Side temples offer improved stability and hydrodynamics
  • Curved lenses expand field of view
  • Polycarbonate lens construction ensures long lasting durability
  • Swipe refreshable antifog technology provides clear vision 10x longer

Every pair of Cobra Ultra goggles comes with 5 interchangeable nose bridges to ensure a perfect fit for any face shape.


  • Most advanced dark mirrored racing goggles with innovative Swipe Anti-Fog technology.
  • Swipe Anti Fog:
  • Anti-fog protection that lasts 10 times longer and can be reactivated by swiping the lenses with your fingers.
  • Temples system for additional stability, five interchangeable nose bridges, dual strap, hard and mirrored lenses with UV protection, PVC free.
  • Ideal for competition swimmers.
  • 70% Polycarbonate, 20% Silicone, 10% Thermoplastic Elastomer.