Anvil Clip LED Light

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The Ultimate Performance® Anvil Shoe Clip LED Light provides either a constant or flashing ultra bright LED which is visible at up to ½ mile.

Clips horizontally to the heel of shoes and will fit any size shoe with a heel width of 6-8.5cm.

Like the Anvil lighthouse, our LED Shoe Clip Light acts as a warning signal to others of your presence in the dark nights, ideal for runners, walkers and cyclists.

• Lightweight and slim

• Ultra bright blue LED

• Splashproof

• Weatherproof (avoid full immersion)

• Two CR2032 batteries included

• Two batteries provide 100 hours of use in flash mode, 70 hours of use in constant mode.

• One press for constant mode, two for flash.

Not recommended for use with leather shoes as the grips may cause surface scratches.