Base2Race Wetsuit Fitting

At Base2Race we pride ourselves on providing a thorough and detailed wetsuit testing and fitting service. Call in store and we'll get an expert to accurately fit your wetsuit and test it out. 

We stand over all our wetsuits. We only sell wetsuits that we believe in and race in ourselves.

Every range we stock has been tested in our flume, the sea and in a swimming pool to ensure we're offering you the highest standard products on the market. We test for fit, quality, functionality and design. We do all the ground work, so you don't have to.

The correct fitting of wetsuit is a difficult process, due to the variance of body types and shapes, so we recommend coming into the store for a full fitting. This way you'll know you have the best wetsuit for your body shape and requirements. Most importantly we'll show you how to put on and take off your suit correctly to reduce damage and increase the life span.

Base2Race is the only retail store in Ireland that you can actually swim in your chosen suit after your fitting. We know this is the only way to insure your suit is going to work when you go to swim in it.


Booking is recommended to ensure the flume is free for you to have a swim in your new suit. Please phone us on 01 4295769 and we'll be delighted to help you out. Please allow a minimum of 30 minutes for your fitting.










How Wetsuits Work

Wetsuits are made of a flexible and soft material called neoprene, which allows a very thin layer of water between your skin and the suit. This water quickly warms up and the insulation provided by the neoprene keeps you warm. Of course, it is important that as little water as possible enters the suit and is not being constantly replaced by cold water flushing through i.e. the ingress of new water and loss of the warmed water. This is why wetsuits are tailored to fit so tightly all over the body - a loose wetsuit simply won't work.

Why wear a wetsuit?

The main advantage of a wetsuit is of course warmth. You can remain in the water longer and be more comfortable whilst there. The neoprene in wetsuits also gives you buoyancy, thus making swimming a lot faster and easier.