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Vanguard Wetsuit - Female

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Mainly made of high quality Yamamoto 39 neoprene, the VANGUARD is an extremely powerful and performant wetsuit that provides an amazing buoyancy. The Aerodome Yamamoto technology (air cells in between 2 layers of neoprene) has been strategically placed on the heaviest part of the body to lift it even further out of the water, ensure a stable position and improve hydrodynamics. You can focus properly on your stroke! 

It features our Elbow 2 Elbow panel to give you the flexibility you need for a natural crawl. It’s as if you are wearing nothing at all! Striated pannels placed on each forearm and on the triceps will improve your grip and your stroke, acting like a traction surface. 

The Nano CSC coating will ensure you’re as fast as you can be!Not only will you be fast in the water but also at the transition to take it off... because no one wants to miss the pack! 

  • Upper Body (Chest and torso): 5mm Yamamoto 
  • Lower Legs and back : 3mm Yamamoto 39
  • Arms & Shoulders : 1,5 mm Yamamoto 39
  • Thighs, hips and lower torso: 5 mm Yamamoto Aerodome
  • Coating : SCS Yamamoto

This wetsuit comes along with a Neobag.

To find your size: size charts

If you would like to be fitted correctly for your wetsuit please phone ahead and Book. This will allocate sufficient time to insure some pool time to insure your happy with your fitting and with your new suit.