Zipp Vuka Extensions (22.2)


Zipp Vuka Extensions (22.2)


Zipps new carbon Vuka Extensions give you all the options needed to optimize your aero position and go for the win or your personal best. Carbon Vuka Extensions are available in four styles:

    • Straight gets you low for that aggressive aero position. 125 grams.

    • Ski-Tip places you in a position for speed as well as long-haul comfort. 140 
    • The new Vuka Race was designed using data compiled from thousands of fit sessions with recreational and professional cyclists and triathletes by the worlds best fitters. The Vuka Race bend places the wrists at a more natural bend to help riders remain in their tuck to optimize aerodynamics. 135 grams.

  • Race Vuka Shift, features the innovative Race bend. What's more, the Vuka Shift moves the shifter closer to the riders hand by almost and inch by mounting the shifter directly onto the extension, which helps allow riders to shift easily from their aerodynamic tuck. The Race Vuka Shift is compatible with SRAM 900 TT, 500 TT, R2C Aero Shifter and Zipp R2C shifters only. 145 grams.
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All carbon Vuka Extensions come with an industry-standard 22.2 mm diameter and are compatible with the new Vuka Alumina Clip but not the VukaClip or VukaAero. All extension styles have a length of 360 mm and have sleek internal cable routing. The carbon Race, Straight and Ski-Tip bends are compatible with all shifting systems.


Warning: Do NOT cut anything from the front end of these extensions.