Zipp Vuka Alumina Extensions (22.2)


Zipp Vuka Alumina Extensions (22.2)


Zipp developed an extensive line of aluminum aerobar extensions to provide the perfect fit for any rider, regardless of size or riding position. Our Vuka Alumina extensions offer four different bends to achieve your ideal fit.

  • Vuka Alumina S-Bend race extensions feature 52mm of rise. 175 grams
  • Vuka Alumina Ski-Tip extensions for a hand position with long-haul comfort. 185 grams
  • Vuka Alumina Evo Extensions are available in both a 70mm (176g) and 110mm (180g) rise.

Our new Vuka Alumina Evo extensions deliver improved aerodynamics by placing hands closer together and nearer to the rider’s head to start airflow over the rider sooner. Designed with input from top bike fitters, the shape of the Vuka Alumina Evo is crafted to feel as if the rider is shaking hands with the bar. This is achieved through the use of a multi-radius bend paired with a 20mm inward roll of the bar that can be adjusted to dial in fit and achieve an ideal position.