Zipp SL Speed Stem

Zipp SL Speed Stem

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Fashioned from a mere 102 grams (100 mm length) of carbon and titanium, the SLSpeed proves that a superlight stem doesn’t have to compromise on stiffness, strength or reliability.

To make the most of every gram, the SLSpeed’s unidirectional carbon body contains no embedded metal. Rearward-facing bolts thread directly into the faceplate to minimize weight, while the bottom edge of the clamp is designed to contact the body of the stem in order to reduce flexing. Self-aligning washers at the steerer clamp mean that the bolt stays straight as it’s tightened, reducing long-term stress on the system.

Available in 80-110 mm lengths; /- 6 degree angle and a 31.8 mm clamp diameter.

Note: This item does NOT include a stem top cap.