ZeroD TT Triathlon suit
ZeroD TT Triathlon suit
ZeroD TT Triathlon suit

ZeroD TT Triathlon suit

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The Z3R0D TTSuit is our new high performance and high speed trisuit. It has been designed to notably improve aerodynamic efficiency and thus reduce drag which occurs when racing. This triathlon garment includes short sleeves coming down to the biceps and thoroughly covering this muscle for an ideal support. Compared to naked skin, adding sleeves to the suit provides much better aerodynamics, especially when racing in a time-trial position on the bike part.

This trisuit is made with our specific Water Wear Weapon fabric (highly water repellent and ultra-fast drying power) which ensures great comfort and freedom of movement while providing an outstanding resistance along races and time.

The back and underarms also feature our Dry Tech Mesh (soft and breathable) which keeps the skin dry and does not cling to it while being of an incomparable lightness.

Panels are anatomically shaped and have been specifically cut so that the triathlete gets an ideal fit and is still comfortable on the run.

The front panel is made with a sublimated ultra-light and elastic fabric so that putting on the suit is much easier and quicker.


Note that this suit does not have any pockets in order to maintain the highest aerodynamic efficiency.


Pro tip: “I always stick my gels and energy bars inside my sleeves and on the side of my thighs: it’s a time-saving trick which is much more handy!” Tyler Butterfield, Z3R0D athlete.