TYR Hurricane  CAT 3

TYR Hurricane CAT 3

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Even Category 3 Hurricanes can do an insane amount of damage and this wetsuit won't disappoint. We took the best features of the Category 5 and reinvented a more affordable triathlon wetsuit that will still do everything you need it to. Showcasing free R.O.M. Zones for comfort, the HURCTF6A eliminates constriction, allowing the swimmer to achieve a long reach without placing strain on the shoulder, while Formfitting Wrist Cuffs keep water from entering the suit.

Engineered for triathletes, Quick Release Ankle Cuffs allow for quick and effortless removal during T1 and strategic Speed Wrap Paneling placed throughout the leg, chest and core raise the swimmer in the water to reduce form drag. To be quite honest the Men's Hurricane Category 3 Wetsuit could be the high end wetsuit. It is pound for pound the best triathlon wetsuit on the market.

Please Note: Hurricane Wetsuits can be returned for EXCHANGE only. Suits that have been used or gently worn cannot be returned. No exceptions.  For complete wetsuit return policy and warranty information

Speed Wrap Paneling

Employing the lightest Yamamoto Nano SCS Coated 5mm neoprene panels throughout the entire leg, chest, and core to raise the swimmer in the water to reduce form drag.

Quick-Release Ankle Cuffs

Tapered legs allow the ankle of the suit to reverse and open for a quick and effortless transition.

Form-Fitting Wrist Cuffs

Multi-stretch cuffs at the wrist allows powerful strokes while keeping water from entering the suit.

360° Core Stabilization System

Five core stabilization panels precisely target the muscle groups to elevate the swimmer ensuring optimal body position and preservation of core strength over the long-term of the swimming race.


 SIZE  HEIGHT (ft/in)  WEIGHT (lbs)  HEIGHT (cm)  WEIGHT (kg)
 XS  4'9"-5'4"  118-142  146-160  54-65
 S  5'3"-5'9"  138-166  158-170  62-75
 S/M  5'7"-6'0"  146-173  165-181  66-78
 M  5'8"-6'1"  155-188  172-184  71-85
 M/L  5'10"-6'2"  158-191  179-187  72-86
 L  5'10"-6'3"  175-199  181-189  79-90
 XL  5'10"-6'4"  191-220  183-194  86-100
 XXL  6'0"-6'8"  208+  185-201  94+


SIZE  HEIGHT (ft/in)  WEIGHT (lbs)  HEIGHT (cm)  WEIGHT (kg)
 XS  4'7"-5'1"  95-112  137-150  44-51
 S  4'9"-5'3"  106-122  145-160  48-55
S/M  5'0"-5'5"  118-133  151-165  53-60
M  5'3"-5'8"  124-142  159-173  56-65
M/L  5'6"-5'10"  138-154  167-178  62-70
L  5'6"-6'0"  144-164  169-182  65-74
XL  5'7"-6'1"  159+  171-184  72+