Ship My Tri Bike


Ship My Tri Bike


Ship My Tri Bike takes away added stress of transporting bikes from triathletes so they can concentrate on their event. We take out the hassle of putting your bike on and off a plane. We transport bikes fully assembled!

Service from Ireland and UK

Ship my Tri Bike will pick up your bike from 8 locations in Ireland, 9 in the UK and then transport your bike to your event. In Ireland our pick up points are Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Enniskillen, Galway, Mullingar, Limerick and Sligo. Our U.K pickup points are Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, London, Manchester, Northampton, Nottingham and Swansea.

How it works

Your bike will be professionally racked in our transport vehicle this concept is based on pro tour teams method to transport their bikes. It will take the hassle of dissembling and reassembling your bike before and after the event and also the cost of renting a bike box . The bikes will now be securely racked during travel at the front fork, frame and rear wheel and a protective covering over it to ensure safety during travel.