Rally™ RK200 Dual-sensing Power Meter - Look KEO
Rally™ RK200 Dual-sensing Power Meter - Look KEO

Rally™ RK200 Dual-sensing Power Meter - Look KEO

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Rally Family

  • Battery type: LR44/SR44 (x4) or CR1/3N (x2)
  • Battery life: up to 120 hours
  • Maximum rider weight: 105 kg
  • Accuracy: +/- 1%
  • Field calibration
  • Adjustable release tension
  • Measurement location: spindle
  • Communication: ANT+® and Bluetooth®

Rally RK200

  • Weight: 326 g
  • water resistance.: IXP7
  • Cleat type: KEO
  • Q-factor: 53 mm (55 mm with provided 2 mm washer)
  • Stack height: 12.2 mm
  • Rally RK200 pedals
  • Cleat hardware
  • 55 mm Q-factor washers
  • Documentation

    Rally RK200 is tested to the extreme, so you can ride there too. This dual-sensing power meter delivers reliable power measurements and is easy to transfer between bikes no matter what bike you’re on or where you’re riding.

    It installs like any other pedal and is easy to swap from bike to bike. Yes, really.

    Take a deep dive into your performance by measuring total power, cadence and more.

    Clip in with ease. These pedals are compatible with LOOK KEO cleats.

    Edge® cycling computer compatibility makes software updates and data uploads easy.

    Sync data to your favourite apps for even more analysis and data sharing.

    It’s more than just watts. Advanced cycling dynamics show left/right balance and more.


    Rally power meters have undergone rigorous testing to ensure total reliability. Featuring a superior design with sensors housed inside, these sleek pedals install like any pedal. And they’re quick to transfer between bikes.

    Advanced Cycling Dynamics

    In addition to total power and cadence, Rally RK200 measures much more. These metrics help you tailor your training around your specific weaknesses and strengths to help you improve.


    For a comfortable ride, these pedals are designed with your favourite LOOK KEO cleats in mind.


    From road to gravel to cyclocross and much more, keep riding year-round. A transferable spindle can be installed in Rally RS road or Rally XC off-road pedal body kits (each sold separately).


    Make sure you’re ready for those long rides and training sessions with up to 120 hours of battery life.

    left/right balance

    Measure power from your left leg versus power from your right leg to get a better look at how symmetrically you’re producing power.


    Track the amount of time you spend in each position, and gauge position effectiveness.

    Power Phase

    Get a clear look at where you’re producing power in the pedal stroke.

    Platform Center Offset

    Ensure proper cleat position by keeping track of where power is applied on the pedal.