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Images for purposes of frame colour variants and not to correct specification at this price point

Multiple wheel upgrade options available upon request

Set new pr's

Sharing SHIFT+ technology from the PRsix superbike; the PRfive triathlon bike is fast, lightweight, and ready to help you set new PR's. Winner of the Interbike Award for Triathlon Innovation of the Year, the PRfive represents all the best aerodynamic benefits of the PRsix with a wide range of cockpit movement and a more budget friendly price. The PRfive's simple design allows it to be packed up for travel or shipment with just two sizes of hex wrench.

Images for purposes of frame colour variants and not to correct specification at this price point

Multiple wheel upgrade options available upon request


Stopping Power

With disc-brakes there is no shortage of stopping power. For many years, motorcycles have relied on the consistent and reliable stopping power of disc brakes. When compared to rim-brakes, disc brakes allow the rider to apply much less force to the lever while stopping. The largest benefit of increased stopping power is increased safety on the bike. Less force required on the lever can also be beneficial on longer descents where your hands might fatigue from the need to apply a high level of consistent stopping power.

Control / Modulation

You can experience inconsistent stopping power with rim-brake systems, especially in wet conditions. When using disc brakes, the amount of stopping power applied is consistent throughout the operation of the lever and is the same each time you use the brakes. This allows you to establish more confidence in your brakes, as you are able to accurately predict how much force to apply on the brake lever in each and every stopping situation.


Operating rim-brakes in the rain typically results in a few second delay before you start to decelerate. This is because the brake pad is required to displace water on the rim surface before a necessary amount of friction can be applied by the brake pads to slow you down. If you need to stop, and haven't "scrubbed" your brake surface first, you may be put into a potentially dangerous situation - especially if you need to take a sharp corner or stop quickly. On long descents in the rain you may need to apply a very large amount of force to the levers in order to get the bike to come to a stop.

Delamination & Wear

The carbon brake track area of a rim-brake wheel is typically reinforced and designed to dissipate the heat generated during hard braking. Riding the brakes on long descents with carbon rim-brake wheelsets can result in overheating and failure of the wheel. Additionally, the friction applied by the brake pads to stop the bike wears down the carbon brake surface. It is inevitable, that over time, the carbon brake-track on rim-brake wheels will wear out. This doesn't happen quickly, however, your riding style and terrain can play a factor in the overall lifespan of the wheelset. With disc-brake carbon wheels there is no worry of overheating or brake-track wear as the braking surface is moved to the disc rotors.

Increased Stiffness

Disc-brake bikes typically utilize what are called thru-axle dropouts. Thru-axles are stronger and securely hold the wheel in place. This results in a noticeable increase in overall bike stiffness.


Shimano Ultegra Groupset

TRP Spyre Brake Calipers

Profile Design Wing/10a Basebar

Profile Design Sonic / Ergo / 35a Aerobar

Shimano WH-RX010 Wheelset

ISM PR 1.0 Saddle

QBox Rear Storage Fin


SHIFT+ Technology: QR’s unique “shift” aero design was first introduced in the CD0.1 and further refined in our PR series. Shift + offsets the Static Aero Downtube towards the drive side of the bike thus redirecting the concentrated airflow away from the ‘dirty’ (drive side) to the ‘clean’ side (non-drive side) of the bike. This minimizes drag and makes the drivetrain virtually invisible to the wind. The result is a bike that is more stable and more aerodynamic across a wider range of yaw angles. Athletes find that Shift + helps stabilize the bike in cross winds which saves them energy on the bike to use on the run.

Boat Tail Airfoil: Used in ballistics technology and the automobile industry, Boat Tail Airfoils are more stable and more aerodynamic than Kamm Tail airfoils while still maintaining effectiveness over a wider range of yaw angles than traditional airfoil shapes. The boat tail shape reduces swirling air pockets off the back of each aero tube thus reducing drag and stabilizing the bike.

Static Downtube Orientation: Wind tunnel testing has shown that dropping the downtube as close as possible to the trailing edge of the front wheel improves aerodynamics. With this in mind, we’ve specifically calculated the downtube drop ratio for each size of the PRsix to make sure that every frame falls within the tightest standard. In other words, every size of the PRsix is as aero as we could possibly make it.

Leading Edge Absent Chainstay: (PRsix & PRfive only) Dramatically increased size and aero profile of the non-drive chainstay to minimize frame flex and maximizes power output while making the bike more aero and stable. This gives athletes the benefit of a sail effect in cross winds.

Aerodynamic Storage System: QR’s size specific QBox Storage System is designed to further enhance the Boat Tail Airfoil increasing aerodynamics and

*components specifications subject to change