Pirelli P Zero TT
Pirelli P Zero TT
Pirelli P Zero TT

Pirelli P Zero TT

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The Pirelli PZero TT Velo Road Tyre is the fastest and highest performing tyre of the PZero Velo tyre range. It offers the lowest in both rolling resistance and aero drag, making it perfect for time trial and triathlon racing where every second counts.

Unique construction

Constructed using Pirelli’s advanced SmartNET Silica® compound, the PZero TT Velo offers outstanding grip and enables you to ride in weather conditions where a full TT tyre would never usually be considered!


  • Usage: Road training/racing in wet or dry weather
  • Tyre Type: Clincher, folding
  • Puncture Protection: Aramid fibre breaker layer
  • TPI: 127
  • Weight: 205g


  • SmartNET Silica: This is Pirelli’s patented cutting edge compound and excels in every performance area. With its unique formula, developed through years of leading experience in motorsports, SmartNET Silica provides cyclists with a truly uncompromising experience. It offers low rolling resistance, enhanced wet and dry grip, long mileage, high puncture resistance and a low weight.
  • ICS (Ideal Contour Shaping): For the contour and construction of PZero tyres, Pirelli made use of ICS (Ideal Contour Shaping) technology to work on the shape of the tyre’s contour. The use of CAD software along with the subsequent analysis of the finite elements, helped to optimise the construction parameters and repeatedly simulate performance. This has resulted in PZero providing the best and most efficient footprint for cornering grip, stability, and a reactive response to riding straights, descents, or bends.