NO Cheating -  Swim Cap

NO Cheating - Swim Cap

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Comfortable and durable silicone swimming caps that are latex free. One size fits all.


As someone famous once said, ‘there’s no point cheating unless you do it properly.’ Which is why we’ve spent millions of dollars designing new fabrics that will perform a real-time blood transfusion from the highly oxygenated, healthy bloodstream of a leopard, straight into your body. Not only will you win, you’ll look good doing it and, apart from your long-term health and the welfare of a few leopards, no one gets hurt.

This print is a repeating pattern so each product will look slightly different. We can’t guarantee that what you see in a photo is exactly what you’ll get, but it does mean you will be an individual! It has also been produced via the latest direct digital printing technology, which means it is better for the environment as there is minimal wastage and water consumption in the printing process.