Nathan Intensity 2L / 6L Female
Nathan Intensity 2L / 6L Female

Nathan Intensity 2L / 6L Female

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Designed specifically to fit the female form (Men - see the HPL 020 for men's-specific version)
6L of total storage capacity (including 2L bladder)
Patented 3-Way Propulsion Harness controls bouncing and swaying for runners
Repositioned bladder tube now exits from top of pack to eliminate skin contact
Front Power Stretch Mesh pockets and two rear zippered compartments store all of your essentials
Wall Mesh shoulder straps and back panel channel air across your skin and wick moisture away

Top Features of the Nathan Intensity Women's 6L Race Vest

To clean bladder: Remove and rinse tubing and bite valve. Turn bladder inside out, rinse, and dry standing up. When ready to reassemble, do everything you did before, except backwards.
Hand-wash only
Size: One size fits most
Weight: 13oz
Storage Capacity: 6.55 L / 400 cu in without bladder, 4.92 L / 300 cu in with bladder
Bladder Volume: 2 Liters

About Hydration Systems

Letting yourself get dehydrated is the quickest way to compromise your performance and ruin your fun. A hydration system lets you carry a good amount (usually 2 or 3 litres) of water without interfering with your hands and with a convenient valve to drink from whenever you like. During intensive exercise, you'll need to drink around 1 litre of water every hour which means sipping little and often - much easier if you don't have to stop what you're doing and locate a bottle. Adding an energy drink to the water makes the process even more effective and can enhance performance. Make sure you choose a cleaning kit to go with your system or you'll be buying a new reservoir regularly! Different systems combine varying amounts of hydration capacity with a wide variety of cargo options, meaning you can carry everything from an energy bar to all the gear you need for a full day out.