Morgan Blue Syn Lube

Morgan Blue Syn Lube

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Professional, high quality lubricant especially suited for road cycling applications. Syn Lube contains extra adhesive & synthetic additives to reduce friction and helps deliver smoother gear shifts.

Top Features of the Morgan Blue Syn Lube - 125ml Bottle

Use: Road
Efficient for a long period
Excellent adhesion on metallic surfaces, does not drip from the chain
Prevents wear and extends life of lubricated parts

Use Syn Lube to lubricate the chain, drivetrain and other moving parts. The lubricant penetrates immediately and does not drip from the chain when applied. Syn Lube is suitable for use after having cleaned the chain and drivetrain with Morgan Blue Chain Cleaner.

Dry weather conditions: use a limited quantity (put it on while turning the chain 1 full revolution.
Wet weather conditions: use abundantly (put it on while turning chain 4 revolutions).

Morgan Blue has the most complete range of maintenance products, including a complete massage line, which many of the continental Pro Teams use.