Lezyne LED Mini Drive XL - Loaded
Lezyne LED Mini Drive XL - Loaded
Lezyne LED Mini Drive XL - Loaded

Lezyne LED Mini Drive XL - Loaded

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Road / Commute / MTB rechargable front lightset with extra battery and helmet mount kit included in a composite box fitted with precision cut foam to protect your investment. Mini Drive XL is a powerful single light unit that works brilliantly as a road handlebar light but also as a fantastic helmet light for city use. Now with added output from new "overdrive" mode, plus "constant lumens" technology for Zero-Dim run times.

The high output single white LED is mounted in custom Uniform Power Beam "MOR" lens for increased output efficiency. CNC cuts in the front section design improve side visibility, while the sculpted extruded alloy body improves performance through efficient heat dispersal.  RGB Intellgent Power Indicator button acts as fuel gauge and charging indicator.

The highly durable machined alloy body with Infinite Light feature removable alloy back cap to replace battery on longer rides. New optimum quality Lithium Ion battery (LIR123A) lasts longer and charges faster. Extra battery with handy alloy water resistant tube included so you can take the cheeky long way home. The new improved universal fitting composite handlebar mount requires no tools, and the light is also compatible with previous brackets.

A composite helmet mount is included and adds versatility to your ride and visibility in city riding... "spot" those car drivers. Day or night... Ride safe, always be seen!

Key Features:

  • Rechargable front lightset
  • Extra battery
  • Helmet mount kit
  • High output white LED
  • 2 amp USB charge cable included
  • Waterproof (FL1 standard)