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Garmin SWIM



Top Features of the Garmin Swim

Stop counting laps. Let Garmin do the maths with Garmin Swim. It's the swimming watch designed for pool use that tracks your distance, pace, stroke count and more.

  • Designed specifically for pool swimming, records swim distance, pace, stroke count and pool lengths
  • Wireless uploads using ANT+ to Garmin Connect to analyze, store and share workouts
  • Gauges swimming efficiency (SWOLF)
  • Offers advanced features for timed sets and logging drills
  • Water Resistant to 50m
  • watch features - Time of day (12/24h), dual time zone, day/date, daily alarm
  • Twelve month battery life on a user-replaceable coin cell battery (CR 2032)
  • Weight: 1.4oz (40g)
  • Display: Black and White, 50 x 31 pixels
  • Size (cm): 4.8cm x 1.3cm x 4.4cm
  • Temp Range: 14F to 122F (-10C to 50C)
  • Knows the stroke you're using
  • Log drills or start timed sets
  • 6 exterior buttons for easier & faster access to every function
  • Mac and Windows compatible
  • Sleek profile
  • Can be worn as daily watch
  • Package Includes
  • Garmin Swim
  • USB ANT Stick
  • Manuals
It's the only pool swimming watch that logs your distance, pace, stroke count and stroke type and includes free wireless online analysis, storage and sharing at Garmin Connect. Garmin Swim also has advanced features for timed sets and logging drills, and it can gauge swimming efficiency (SWOLF), making it ideal for lap swimmers of all levels. This watch has a slim profile that wont drag you down, in or out of the pool. To help you stay motivated, the Garmin Swim displays your weekly distance under the time of day. Powered by a user-replaceable battery that lasts one year with typical use, it's always ready to go.

Strap It On and Dive In
Garmin Swim is ready to go right out of the box â€" just tell it the size of the pool you're swimming in and begin your workout. Its sleek profile allows it to cut right through the water, so it won't slow you down. And you can easily replace the battery yourself whenever needed (about once a year) so you're always ready to go.

Focus On Your Training
With Garmin Swim on your wrist, you can focus on your technique instead of what lap you're on. It automatically knows the stroke you're using and tracks your lengths, strokes, distance, pace and more. With a few button presses, you can also log drills or start timed sets without constantly monitoring the pool clock. It even calculates your SWOLF score to help you gauge your swimming efficiency, making it ideal for lap swimmers of all levels. The intuitive interface utilizes 6 exterior buttons, so each and every function can be accessed quickly and easily.

Stay Motivated
Slim and attractive enough to be worn as a daily watch, Garmin Swim serves as a personal reminder of your goals. To help you stay motivated, it displays your weekly accumulated distance under the time of day. Watch features include dual time zones and alarm.

Analyze and Share Workouts
After your workout, upload your swim data to Garmin Connect, our website for free online analysis. Here, you can view your detailed metrics and track your progress over time. You can also share your workout data with your coaches, workout buddies, or friends and family. Through the magic of ANT+™ wireless technology and the USB stick that comes with your Garmin Swim, your workout data automatically transfers to your computer when in range. Garmin Connect is Mac® and Windows® compatible.