Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheelset

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Racing 3 wheels are ideal for both racing and for everyday training. These are in limited edition dark label colours.

• Differentiated rim heights – 24mm at front for optimal manoeuvrability; 30mm at rear for optimal power transfer.
• Oversized hub body in aluminiumpainted whitegives strong lateral stiffness while reducing weight.
• Fulcrum 2:1 spoke ratio on rear wheeldouble the number of spokes on the drive side for greater wheel stability and improved power transfer in the rear wheel. 16 straight pull aero spokes on front wheel21 on rear.
• Fulcrum Dynamic Balance keeps the Racing 3 wheels perfectly stable but is achieved in the rim milling process rather than spokes in the Racing 5.
• Milled rim to reduce the peripheral weight of the rimincreasing reactivity.
• Weights: Front 670gRear 885g