Dryskin Airx Bibshorts Black Acid Yellow
Dryskin Airx Bibshorts Black Acid Yellow
Dryskin Airx Bibshorts Black Acid Yellow
Dryskin Airx Bibshorts Black Acid Yellow

Dryskin Airx Bibshorts Black Acid Yellow

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We spent a lot of time researching and developing a highly breathable and comfortable fabric and innovative pad for our Dryskin AirX Bibshorts.
CONTROLLED STRETCH: Dryskin has specific elasticity: it stretches to fit the body perfectly, supports muscles just where you need it and never loses elasticity.
QUICK DRYING: this fabric has the technological advantage of drying 40% faster than traditional fabrics, thanks in part to the fact that its water-proof.
WEAR RESISTANT: Dryskin is 80% more wear resistant than traditional fabrics.
The DrySkin AirX Bibshorts have evolved over time and now include FIR Resistex(R) Bioceramic, a new generation fabric designed to help athletes maintain performance despite changes in the weather. FIR Resistex(R) Bioceramic is a polyester fabric made from bio-ceramic material which naturally absorbs damaging ultraviolet UV-A and UV-B rays and also reflects heat by forming a natural barrier against the sun's hot rays. This unique technology keeps the internal layer cool and guarantees freshness and comfort during exercise on hot, sunny days. This ultimately results in noticeably fewer calories and energy consumed. Last but not least, the Elastic Interface Road Performance Space pad puts these bibshorts into another category in terms of quality. This pad has been carefully designed for long distance rides and is made from cutting-edge technological materials. Differing densities and an innovative multi-way curved structure provide a great feel and perfect stability in the saddle, even during long distance rides where cyclists tend to shift their weight from front to back.
Versatile and extremely comfortable: this pad is just one of the elements which makes these bibshorts ideal for the most demanding cyclists who expect optimum performance from their kit.

• New pad Elastic Interface Road Performance Space, the best for long distance performances
• Legs fabric FIR Resistex® Bioceramic (70% Cation Polyester 30% Elastane)
• Back and saddle pannels in wear resistant and water reppelent DrySkin (52% Polyammide 48% Elastane)
• 3D breathable mesh back with soft openwork braces
• Grip Fit Xlight leg gripper with different compression and height areas and anti-slip inner silicone
• Ultra flat stretch seams
• Reflective applications
• UV protection
• Sizes: S > XXL