Compressport Arm Force

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The Compressport Arm Sleeve range is divided into two lines: the Armforce line and the Pro Racing Arm Sleeve line.

The Armforce line is a simple and effective sleeve manufactured on a seamless compressions sleeves/socks machine. Its quality makes it a very nice product to use in the off season or at high altitudes. Its ventilation mesh provides excellent thermo-regulation.

The ProRacing Arm Sleeve is the sleeve model used by the best professionals. It is manufactured on the same machines used for the famous R2 calf sleeves. It is ultra-body-forming, thermo-regulating, UV-protective, shock-absorbing and prevents muscular oscillation.

Ideal during the effort or for active recovery compression, the Pro Racing Compression Arm Sleeve is ideal for driving away tendon weaknesses in swimmers, cross-country skiers or for people who practice any sport with heavy arm involvement.