Centry Riding Cream

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Prevent damaging friction irritations before they begin. This balanced blend of botanicals helps your skin repair itself afterdamage, but more importantly prevents long term frictionirritations before they start. Occlusive silicones create a longlasting, friction free barrier. Antifungal, antimicrobial and skin conditioning botanicals are added for superior protection fromchaffing caused by tight clothes, shoes, or sport equipment.Apply generously and directly to all possible friction points.Compatable with all natural and polypropylene fibers of sportsclothing, natural and synthetic chamois and neoprene Wetsuits. Use under dry and wet scuba, surfing, kayak suits, orbiking shorts. Works great when applied under socks beforeuse with hiking, hockey or ski boots. Washes away withSportique's mild and moisturizing face and body ROAD SOAP, especially formulated for Active Body and Skin Care. Keepaway from mucous membrances and eyes.


180Ml / 6 oz