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Superlative in terms of aerodynamics and cooling

The SPEEDairo is the superlative in the combination of aerodynamics and cooling. Therewith the helmet is even suitable for long and exhausting distances or mountain stages Unlike conventional helmets the SPEEDairo fits contactless via a tended net on the wearer's head. This is not only very comfortable, but also provides a constant air flow around the head with cooling airstream.

Additional speed through optimized aerodynamics receives the SPEEDairo by the patented air guidelines and the elaborate double-shell structure, which enables the construction of an extremely streamlined and lightweight helmet shape. The rear spoilers are also a real novelty. They function as air tearoff edges and adapt to the body position of the athlete. The adaptive aerodynamics provides significant advantage for the athlete. The optional SPEEDmask has a wide field of view and protects perfectly from wind or sun.

The SPEEDairo is equipped with CASCO-Loc. Thereby you hook CASCO-Loc fastener into strap divider ring. Then tighten chin strap by pulling on the free strap end at the right-hand strap divider. To release tension, tilt strap divider slightly upwards. To open fastener pull lanyard in a straight motion away from head. Monocoque-ultra: the outer shell of this innovative helmet is constructed of separate segments for the highest level of protection. The segments are additionally reinforced by stainless steel rivets. freshair ventilation: a sophisticated ventilation system within the inner shell solves the airfl ow, for this the number of vents in the helmet is of secondary importance. Diskfit Vario: comfort maximised system, height adjustable, an anatomic perfect fit.

Please measure your head size to get the right helmet size.