Bandicoot 100 Lumens
Bandicoot 100 Lumens

Bandicoot 100 Lumens

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  • Dynamic lighting options - Kong is setting the new standard for headlamps with the introduction of the sleek, ergonomic Bandicoot. Our quad Optics that give you 4 dynamic lighting options. Use mode maker app to unlock a huge library of light modes.
  • ULTRA BRIGHT 100+ LUMENS - The Bandicoot's high-performance LEDs produce over 100+ lumens of power that brilliantly illuminate nighttime and low light environments. The light remains extremely bright and luminous at full capacity for up to 2 hours.
  • USB RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - our rechargeable USB battery pops out and requires no charging cable. Save money by not buying 650 aka's over the headlamp's lifetime Like so many other brands, making it an choice.
  • Unique lightweight silicone strap - the Bandicoot is engineered from lightweight silicone for maximum durability and comfort in any environment. A single Chassis design keeps the battery and LEDs together as one unit and weighs only 60 grams.
  • 100% waterproof - Ruggedly built to effectively function and keep shining brightly through rain, rough weather, and wet conditions. The Bandicoot is your ideal head light for night fishing, boat spray, and soggy camping scenarios.

The Bandicoot Head Torch

The Bandicoot incorporates the strap, light and batteries into a single moulded piece of silicone. This means it saves on weight, at 49 grams it weighs bugger all, and you might even forget you’re wearing it. The silicone straps have also been given a matte finish, which is supposed to make it very resistant to tangling in your man-bun.

The angle of the lights isn’t adjustable. Instead Knog decided to give the different LEDs different angles and colour temperatures, depending on their function. The reading light, for example, points downwards and gives off a slightly warmer light.

knog, bandicoot, head torch, LED anglesIf this works well it might be a fair bit easier than constantly adjusting the angle of the unit for different purposes.

What About The Battery?

Rechargeable head torches are pretty polarising. Weekend warriors love them for their ease of use, whilst long-distance explorers rip on them for their inability to take new batteries.

To be fair though, most people are taking a battery pack with them nowadays that can top up all kinds of USB rechargeable devices. You’ll need one if you’re planning to run the Bandicoot for 2 hours a night at its top 100 lumen output.