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Swim Stroke Analysis



The video analysis takes approximately 90m.  Your stroke in analysed from every angle.  The impact each adjustment has on your full stroke is recorded for your understanding and future reference.







Our Live video feedback allows you review each adjustment you make as you swim.  Drills are also given to help retain you understand and retain your adjusted swim technique.



 Our live onscreen feedback also means we can pause what you've just done and show you there and then. Sometimes it's really helpful to be able to deal with an issue by having a qualified instructor show a more productive way of moving or simply how make an adjustment, as you swim. 

After your session you are given your own DVD recording of your swim session and notes from your session are all given to help you going forward.








All swimmers get a DVD of their full session to take away with them. Coached sessions with video analysis & DVD.

Cost €110 and lasts 1hr30mins. 

Booking are essential so call us on 01 4295769

€50 is payable on booking.

Please Note - in the even of a "no show" the deposit is lost. Booking cancellations or change of times must be completed 24 hours prior to appointment.