Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite
Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite
Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite
Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite
Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite

Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite

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Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite Alloy Clincher Wheelset is a brand new wheel for 2015 and includes brand new features such as Plasma treatment, a new breaking surface and differentiated rim heights.

Top Features of the Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite Alloy Clincher Wheelset

Rim Clincher, Triple milled aluminum
23mm deep, 25mm wide
Reflective graphics
Plasma treated braking surface
Spokes 16 Front, 21 Rear
Nipples Aluminum
Hubs Carbon Fiber, Aluminum Flange
Weight Front 607g, Rear 813g
Brakepads Carbon
Freehub Plasma Treated
Plasma Treatment
This gives the wheel set an ‘all black’ look. The Plasma treatment process creates an extremely hard and wear resistant surface.
New braking surface- The specially milled braking surface is Plasma treated allowing superior braking in wet conditions. The ‘grooves’ in the braking surface allow water to drain away increasing braking friction. Carbon brake pads must be used
Plasma treated freehub. This removes 20g from the weight of the freehub.
A carbon Hub with oversize flange is used creating a light weight but stiff hub.
Differentiated rim heights – 25mm at front for optimal maneuverability; 30mm at rear for optimal power transfer
Triple milling of the rim saves weight but also creates an aerodynamic profile. Reflective rim graphics add great contrast to the dark surface.
Fulcrum Dynamic Balance keeps the Racing zero wheels perfectly stable but is achieved in the rim milling process rather than spokes in the Racing 5.
Fulcrum 2:1 spoke ratio on rear wheel double the number of spokes on the drive side for greater wheel stability and improved power transfer in the rear wheel. 16 radial aero spokes on front wheel21 on rear.
The Racing Zero Nite wheels feature Fulcrums USB ceramic bearings which are 30% lighter40% more resistant and 50% smoother compared to the steel bearings featured in the 3's5's and 7's